Ukulele Ensemble Kurs von Samantha Muir

Begonnen von Ruth, 06. Jan 2019, 21:06:48

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This brand new course will focus on instrumental playing (not strumming and singing) and is suitable for intermediate to advanced players. Ability to read tab or notation is essential. Music will be for ukuleles with high G C E A tuning. If you play with low G tuning, or play a baritone ukulele tuned D G B E, and would like to attend please tell us in advance. The main emphasis will be on playing together as a ukulele ensemble. Arrangements will include Renaissance, Baroque and Classical pieces as well as folk and pop tunes. There will also be sessions on scales and arpeggios, arranging and composing, playing in campanela style and basic theory. Sam will give a short presentation on the history of the ukulele and its connection with the machete and rajão of Madeira. An informal masterclass will provide an opportunity for participants to perform an instrumental solo they have prepared in advance and receive feedback from Sam. The 'open mic' sessions in the evenings will be a chance to perform a piece or song of your own choice. The course will end with a performance of the pieces you have learnt over the weekend.

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